Man kills wife for refusing sex

CHENNAI: In an incident too grotesque to believe, a 30-year-old man allegedly strangled his wife, had sex with her dead body and mutilated it

after she refused to have sex with him. Police, who arrested the man on Friday, said that it was the first time that such a case was reported in the city.

According to police, Subash, a resident of Poonamallee who earns a living by selling soft drinks on a push cart, came home drunk on Thursday afternoon. He asked his wife, Shanti (28), to have sex with and she refused.

"After this, he said he was hungry and asked her to give him food. An angry Shanti told him that there was no money to buy groceries and, hence, she had not cooked any food. She began scolding him for seeking physical pleasure when he was not providing money for household expenses," said a police officer.

Angered by this Subash slapped Shanti who she fell down unconscious. He then took his children's skipping rope and strangled her to death. Police said Subash then went on to have sex with his wife's lifeless body before mutilating it.

Subash and Shanti were married for more than 10 years and resided on Avadi Road, Seneerkuppam, in Poonamallee. They have two sons, aged ten and seven.

"He did not leave the house after the crime. In the evening, the children returned home from school and found their mother lying on the floor. They did not comprehend what had happened and ran to call their uncle staying nearby," the officer said. It was the uncle who informed the police.

"The children said that their parents used to fight regularly.We arrested Subash from the house. During interrogation, he confessed that he had murdered her for refusing sex," said Inspector Velan of Poonamallee police station said.

The children have been placed under the care of their uncle.
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