Love at first joke for single mum

Happy couple: Siti Nasfuyah and Jamil posing with Muhammad Ikmal.

SHE is a good-looking 23-year-old single mother. He is a 57-year-old ex-convict.

They met during a motivation seminar in Bukit Mertajam on May 13, and they are getting married tomorrow.

Jamil Ahmad, who hails from Kuala Nerang, said he empathised with Siti Nasfuyah Ahmad Buang after she related her sad story while they were travelling together to the seminar venue.

“It was the first time I met her. I jokingly asked her to marry me. When she did not flip out, I asked her to think about my proposal.

“I told her that I might be old, but I was still a ‘teruna’ (chaste male),” said Jamil, who is now a motivational speaker.

Jamil, who was one of the longest-serving prisoners, was released from prison on Oct 3 last year after Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah pardoned him. Jamil was imprisoned for 30 years and 11 months for alleged armed robbery in Baling in 1976.

For Siti Nasfuyah, it was love at first joke.

“He is very funny. He makes me laugh. His jokes help me forget my sorrows. I am very happy now.

“But most important of all, he loves my (two-year-old) son Muhammad Ikmal Shahrul Azlan,” she said.

Siti said she did not take Jamil seriously at first when he said he wished to marry her.

She said Jamil came to her house in Malau, Jitra, several times before he sent a ‘wakil’ to officially ask her for her hand.

“Even my mother (Azizah Ali, 45) has given her consent,” she said.

Siti Nasfuyah said she agreed to marry Jamil because he “clicked” with her son.

Siti Nasfuyah, who lives in a house that has no electricity supply, said her family would get electricity supply soon thanks to Pusat Urus Zakat.

“I think our house will finally be lit up on Tuesday, a day before my wedding reception (on Wednesday at Jamil’s house in Kuala Nerang).

“Jamil is truly the light of my life now,” said Siti Nasfuyah. [The Star]

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